Comments have returned!

Comments have finally returned to The Other Side.

You may have also noticed that the theme of the site has also changed. This was a requirement. I’m using RapidWeaver 4.4b3 and enabling comments on my blog actually broke the previous theme I was using. I’m sure this will be sorted out before the final release. But in the meantime, I hope you like the facelift.

Another change that will be occuring in the near future include rolling over over the blog. It’s currently taking far to long to update the blog list if I make a global change to the site. I hope to roll this over into a static page that I will just link to.


Comments - Update

Faithful reader, comments may soon be, once again, available on my blog.

RealmacSoftware are integrating the “Disqus” blog engine into their RapidWeaver 4.4 software.

RapidWeaver is what I use to bring you this site, so I’ll be testing their beta software in an attempt to bring comments back to my ramblings as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.