Welcome once again. This time to my non-photographic Web presence. Here you will find my musings on everything but photography. I decided to do this so that I could keep my mind clean and compartmentalised. I will from time-to-time cross the streams but I will try to keep that to a minimum. We all know what happens when the streams are crossed and I don't like getting slimed. Most of the activity here will be contained in My Blog.

Those that know me, know I'm not into the technical gadgets that seem to plague the current times. I keep a paper diary, write with a pencil most of the time, and feign astonishment and wonder at the new toys that turn up in the office. I shouldn't say 'feign' I do get excited for other people who find techno-gadgets interesting, and I do find them interesting myself I just don't rush out and get the latest phone, or the latest MP3 player, or the latest widget. Don't get me wrong, I use technology. I'm typing this on a black MacBook attached to a 500Gb external disk, backing up onto a 2Gb keydisk, I can see my mobile on the desk here beside me (useless cause there's no reception)...I use technology as a tool not a toy... you believe me don't you? I write cheques, send faxes, write letters, ride motorbikes.

Now having said all that, you might be wondering about the logos on the right. I have no affiliation with any of them but use all of them. I am also a staunch Novell supporter (so much so that some think I'm on their payroll). I often say I would volunteer for the first manned mission to Mars, pencil in one hand and NetWare CD in the other. The others, I use and highly recommend.. HIGHLY.

Anyway, enough of this playful banter... go to My Blog and see what's happening on my other side.

(Gee I hope someone reads this stuff)